Carys Cakes


Here is your chance to get your hands on this new, exclusive, more than just a Calendar, Calendar!


Reviews from people who have followed my recipes or tutorials

The recipe was laid out simply for me to follow and I was able to follow along the live bake-along to know exactly what to do and pick up extra tips along the way!


The simple instructions are so easy to follow and make baking these treats even more of a joy!



What is it?

It is a Calendar with an experience.

You will get a physical Calendar with a new downloadable recipe or video tutorial (it will vary each month) which you will be able to access via a QR codes.

What recipes will I get?

Lots! You will get everything from seasonal bakes to cupcakes, to traybakes and many more! Each months image will give you an idea but it might be a surprise too!

How many recipes will I get?

12 – a new download will be available on the 1st of each month.

How will I access the recipes?

Via the QR code that is on each months Calendar picture.